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Responsibilities include:


  • Serves as a liason keeping neighbors informed on local Republican activities.

  • Responsible for voter turnout.

  • May or may not be the Election Judge, overseeing local elections.

  • Opens Precinct Convention.

  • Attend monthly Republican Executive Meetings & report back to the neighborhood.



What is a Precinct Chair?


Together we are strong - I urge you to get involved now!


We are the "grassroots" front line in the battle to keep Texas red!  The Democrats have their eyes on Texas and will put forth a tough fight in their quest to turn Texas blue.  We are gearing up to prevent this from happening in the 2014 and 2016 Elections.  Strength is in numbers and we need you.  


There are all sorts of ways to make a difference; small commitments and large ones.  Find the fit that works best for your schedule.  Start with 2 simple me to discuss opportunities and then sign up for our Neighborhood Newsletter to stay informed. 


I am excited to say that we have over 250 neighbors in our Precinct who are plugged in to the Newsletter.  


Are you ready to make a difference?


Humbly yours,

Pam Colquitt

Republican Precinct Chair 2056


Pam's Track Record


  • Wix Facebook page
  • Twitter Classic
  • Created an interactive Precinct website to empower our neighbors with information.


  • Created the Precinct's Neighborhood Newsletter email distribution for news updates.


  • Produced numerous candidate events to bring candidates close to the community.


  • Accepted post as Dallas County Grassroots Chairman to help other precincts organize their efforts.


  • Coordinated numerous get-out-the vote campaigns involving neighborhood walks, phone call campaigns and mailout campaigns.


  • Served in the elections as Election Judge, Voter Registrar, Election Clerk and Poll Watcher.


  • Served in 2012 as Senate District Delegate and State Delegate in Ft. Worth.

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